Getting My Car's Rear Absorber Shock Replaced Getting My Car's Rear Absorber Shock Replaced

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Getting My Car's Rear Absorber Shock Replaced

Today I took my car for a ride to Pusat Perkhidmatan Fook Chye to have my car's rear absorber shock replaced. It has been a while since I come to know that the rear absorber start to leak oil, identified by one of the service agent in Toyota Service Center as well as another service person who always do the car balancing and rotation for me.

The spoilt absorber shock

The genuine Toyota parts

Even before the issue identified by these car experts, I already feel that my car was making very loud noise every time I went through bumps, or whenever I brake, and the noise sounds like things inside my car moving about.

Anyway, the whole replacing of the absorber process took about an hour from disassembling the old absorber and replacing it with new ones. According to the mechanic, the current generation of Toyota Vios is more difficult to change as he needs to like it was locked inside, making the screwing and unscrewing of the absorber difficult.

Well, the car is fixed now and I'm having a better experience of driving already, as before the absorber was replaced the car often wiggle back and forth. So, I feel that the bonus that I received few days ago utilized meaningfully.


  1. It’s a good thing that you’ve sensed that unusual noise; it’s actually like an early detection of damage. Great job! Your alertness saved you a lot of money from serious repairs. Keep safe whenever you drive! And oh, I like your car, the body’s color complements well with the interiors. =)

    Nicole Vickers

  2. I already feel that my car was making very loud noise every time I went through bumps,

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  3. Well, it’s definitely a good thing you heard the noise. There are actually other signs that your shocks are probably shot. For example, if you feel your car rolling or swaying too much while you do turns, you probably need to have your shocks replaced. You may have also experienced the front of your car taking a dive sometimes when you brake. This is another sign that your shock absorbers need to be replaced.

    @Erwin Calverley

    1. Thanks for the advice. Will take note of that in the future.


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