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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Outstanding...not nerdy!!

Being the best has been something that everyone aims at, but the right question to ask should be what does it takes to be the best. To be surpassing your peers will probably require to look beyond reading for people’s idea but start coming out with one. Or if you innovative enough, modify and make the idea of another person even better.

I want to personally share some of my experience, be it in looking for extra incomes, or in achieving better results than your peers in terms of creativity and ideas.

First of all, I am now financially independent although I’m only studying in my First year in local university, thanks to firstly: Great Eastern Scholarship and secondly, my own effort in working part time job during my holiday and of course I’m still giving private tutor lesson now. I’m not earning too much but enough to stay independent.

Well, the main source of course will be the Great Eastern Scholarship and here, I would like to stress and remind all those trying to achieve better results than your friends, it is not just your results that count. It is your character that made you more outstanding the rest.

A few examples of what determines my characters:

1) In a Prefect’s camp, I was in a group and we were told to come out with a sketch or a drama. I was not the group leader and neither was I anyone Big in the group but I was giving the ideas and working on the team spirit for the sketch. Taking the idea from Singapore comedy, I reinvented it to suit the program. That’s how far I would go.

2) I was the kind of guy who stay awake just to read and understand certain things. I’m not a quitter.

3) I teaches those who are weaker than me, and although at times, it takes up my time and priority, I learn the key to teach, to be a tutor….something that I’m doing now.

4) In any argument, I’m good at talking. As in I’m good in encouraging others, console them or even comfort them.

5) I might not be knowledgeable in everything but I’m willing to learn. So, I never seem to be left out in any topics. But like many others, that depends on mood.

I guess these are a few things that we need to acknowledge. A vast experience and willingness to learn, because in the process of learning, we gain even more insight and understanding. I’m actively involve in any conversation or planning or discussion that I’m interested in. I don’t just sit and wait to be ordered to do this and that. I’ll do it.

Well, again, I just hope those that are reading these will not expect something magical to happen for them to be stronger and surpass their peers in reading information from the World Wide Web although I must admit that it does help. But what helps one surpass the rest is the willingness to surpass oneself.

At the moment, here is all I got for you!!!

Stay tune for more….

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