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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogging it From Tags

I'm not sure how tag works. But recently I got a tag from Ria and now blogging about it while I'm free. I was quite tie up with my work as I've just started to learn some of the coding and I have to do write the code based on the people's style, which makes it more difficult for me. Anyway, finish the coding and now waiting to test the code, though I'm positive it will work the way I want it. Anyway, back to the tags, and thanks Ria for remembering me:-

Places I would like to visit and why

Europe - The fact that I still never get a chance to travel oversea spurs my intention to visit Europe. Europe is very unique in a way that inside Europe itself, there's a lot of nice places such as The Stonehenge and Eiffel Tower. Besides that I can also visit to my favorite football stadium, Old Trafford - as I've been a Manchester United fan all the while.

The Stonehenge

Eiffel Tower

Old Trafford - Home ground of the Red Devils

Japan - Well, this place only come out to my mind all of sudden and it's also because I heard a lot of pretty girls in Japan, and since I'm still single, why not give it a shot. L0lz.

Tokyo Night View

China - Well, no specific reason except The China Great Wall and also this is where my ancestors live before migrating to Malaysia. Anyway, I still have some relatives over there, so it would be very nice to keep in touch with distant relatives as well. Not to mention Hong Kong is nearby China, which means if I go China, then I'll be visiting HK as well.

The Great Wall of China

The United States - When I was still a kid, I really like the States. Why? Apparently I myself also do not know the reason. Anyway, the States have places like Hollywood and Disneyland which I'm sure will be fun to visit.



New York City at night

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  1. Oh man! These are beautiful pictures and places I'd love to travel myself. There are so many amazing places around the world, I hope one day to see each one in front of me! That would be the best! I never had the chance to go out of my country but im still young, and yes, when I start to travel I'll only stop when my legs cant walk anymore eheh

    Take care


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