Awesome Double Date on Valentine's Day Awesome Double Date on Valentine's Day

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Awesome Double Date on Valentine's Day

My brother blogged about our double date with our cousins on the Valentine's day in his blog the other day, and I decided to blog about it in this blog as well, before blogging about my short holiday cum mother's birthday trip to Kuala Lumpur which has just over last few days.

My brother was right when he called it a double date - since we have two guys and two girls for a hang out session. It just that it coincide with the Valentine's day. Well, to be honest the day itself is full of surprises and an interesting one - well, at least to me.

Our awesome possum picture!!

First, it so happen we met our relative from KL whom we had our family gathering the day before at the Foh San Restaurant. And the next surprise and I think it only applies to me as somehow my brother made and my cousin was talking about meeting out and hanging out on that day.

Anyhow, we fetched them at their hotel and had our lunch at the Sushi King in Ipoh Parade, mainly because we will be hanging out at the nearest Starbucks there as well. I don't really realized it was Valentine's day until I saw many stalls setup to sell flowers and gifts and then my cousins been talking about it.


Scanning for cash on the go :P

And so, the following surprises, I'll just take it directly from my brother's blog, as those really best sums up the whole thing.

"Flowers are involved...I still remember that there are moments when hands are hold together...ahem!! and yup, the outing ended in a hotel."'s not exactly what everyone might be thinking. We just dropped my cousin back to her hotel and I so happened to accompany her back to her hotel room. Overall, it was fun meeting and hanging out with the two of them although it does get a bit awkward "dating" cousins during the Valentine's day.

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