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Saturday, August 17, 2013

KL Holiday - Day 1

Had a long weekends last week as the Hari Raya holiday coincides with the weekends, so it also means holiday. It is always a mass exodus from the city center to the northern region, so we decided to go the opposite direction. And so my family decided to go to the Kuala Lumpur for holiday, and meet up with my sister, who will be coming back from Singapore, while the rest of my extended family members will be staying put during the Raya weekends.

We start our journey on Friday morning from my house after breakfast to pick my brother's girlfriend before driving southbound to Kuala Lumpur. As expected, the traffic is as smooth as silk; so we reached there just in time for lunch with my aunt's family as well as my brother and sister who were already there the night before. We had our lunch at the food court inside the Publika mall - this is in fact my first time in Publika. The choices there is not much actually, but I find that the paper wrapped chicken from the New Shanghai Legend Restaurant is not that bad.

Of course, after having our lunch we went back to my aunt's place to rest and have chit chat with family members while deciding on the dinner. We had our dinner at the Apartment Downtown at Suria KLCC, I guess it is actually fun to have dinner with so many family members around, roughly fifteen of us on the table. After the dinner, we have free activities whereby most of us walk around at the shopping mall. The Suria KLCC is quite packed actually and I can see a lot of Banglas shopping at the Suria KLCC, maybe because it is holiday season for them as well.

Later that night, we had a mini birthday celebration for my sister before we called it a day. My younger sister purposely bring the cake outside from Malaysia when she is on the way back from Singapore and we opened up a bottle of wine as well as some of the junk food that my sister bought from Singapore. I really enjoyed the night where we can talk with each of the family members while sipping some red wine enjoying the KLCC view from the condo; at the same time watching Jackie Chan movie.

Well, that sums up the first day of holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

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