Quiet Weekend In Kulim Quiet Weekend In Kulim

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quiet Weekend In Kulim

It's been quite some time since I stay in Kulim over the weekends, I usually go back to Ipoh, either following my dad's car or drive back by myself. However, my group is having a milestone celebration at the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Hotel on Friday night, and so I decided to meet up with a friend in the Starbucks Drive-Thru before going back to Kulim. We chat until late in the midnight before calling it a day and I was touring around in island for almost 30 minutes before I got the right turn and headed straight to the bridge and then back to Kulim.

My first plate

Sunset view, taken by the best iPhone photographer at the beach

Drive-thru Starbucks

I woke up quite late on Saturday morning, so I decided to have a simple breakfast of milk and some biscuits before I shower and then go to the town for my lunch. I only realized that I still have less than RM10 in my wallet by the time I reached the Lum Kee Restaurant, but I guess it will still be sufficient for my lunch. After my lunch I got back home and then start to do some clean up to the kitchen, I wonder why the lizards in Kulim shit so much that if you did not wash away the lizard shits, the kitchen will be full of those.

While doing that, I do boil some water and then make myself a cup of Nescafe and keep it in the fridge so that I can sip the cool iced coffee that I made earlier while watching TV. It's been quite a fast day on Saturday and I only have oats with some fruits for my dinner. After the dinner, I surf net for a while for some news while watching some Chinese movie which was on air at that time before I go to bed.

Sunday morning is quite a breeze actually, having light breakfast while checking on the latest football scores and news before I shower and then head to McD for my lunch, in which I was criticized by my brother that it was not healthy. And so after that I go back to the house where I packed all the unused and old items in the kitchen and throw it away and then continue watching TVB series, Awfully Lawful before watching one of the Stephen Chow movie which I had in my external hard disk.

Razor sharp knife

Chicken meatloaf sandwich

Next I go to the nearest Tesco for grocery shopping. I bought a Sashimi knife as well, and as it was razor sharp, I decided to put the knife into good use by cutting the cucumber and tomato which I bought into small pieces as a sides for my dinner or maybe even breakfast for the next few days. I even made myself two sets of chicken meatloaf sandwich for the night it feels satisfying having dinner made by myself.

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