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Monday, December 1, 2008

Counting Down to 2009

When I look at the calendar at my Windows taskbar, I realize one thing. We are moving forward to 2009. In fact, after another 30 days, we will be in year 2009. It means that there will be start of something new. And also reminds me about the lyrics for High School Musical....Lolz. It seems that time really flies and we won't be able to turn back and re-do or un-do whatever things that do not go according to our way. It's actually better not to do something that we will regret. Anyway, back to 2009....I wonder, how many of us started to plan our Plan 2009? And how success are we in achieving our 2008 plans? How many of us totally forgotten what we have planned in the first place?

Anyway, was not really available over the weekend and was without Internet connection - I mean private connection. I cannot really blog from Starbucks or Coffee Bean or places with Wi-Fi connection. I was attending my friend's wedding. She was actually my course mates back in the Uni days and we were also in the same group for our thesis. Really wanna congratulates her as she already started the new chapter in her life - as a wife and life partner for Max - Max is her husband's name by the way. As for me, still stuck as beings ingle stuck at the same chapter. I wonder when it will be my turn. As for now, I will enjoy my freedom.

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