Back in Malaysia on Saturday.....My Sister Flying To Singapore Today Back in Malaysia on Saturday.....My Sister Flying To Singapore Today

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in Malaysia on Saturday.....My Sister Flying To Singapore Today

Well, guess what. I have been back in Malaysia and been doing some stuff with my siblings, mainly because I have been away for like a while and then my younger sister will be starting her work in Singapore tomorrow and she has already flew to Singapore earlier today.

I reached Penang International Airport On Saturday evening and then directly went back to my house in Ipoh, which is about two to three hours drive. Well, I did not unpack my luggage. I just unpack my stuff in the new laptop bag that I bought back in Chengdu, so that my sister could take that laptop bag with her when she go Singapore.

The following day, I just do what I have always been doing during the Sunday, which is to go Sunday for the morning service and then have lunch with my grandmum at her place. However, we have a dinner at the East Ocean Restaurant, treat by my aunt from England as she will be flying back to England on Tuesday midnight. Phew, seems like this year there are many of us flew.

After the dinner, we went to my grandma's place for some "blow water" session and then me and my brother watch Manchester United trashed Arsenal 8-2 at some mamak stall within driving distance from our house.

Next day, I watched Overheard 2 with my siblings, as well as my brother's girlfriend. Before watching Overheard 2, helped out my younger sister packing her stuff to Singapore, well, just giving her some idea how to pack effectively to fully utilize all the space, while at the same time, unpacking some of my stuff from the luggage.

Finally, today, sent my younger sister to the Sultan Azlan Airport as she will be flying off to Singapore and then start work tomorrow. I'm still trying to finish blogging Chengdu trip, but at the moment I will need to consolidate all the photos from different cameras before uploading it to Facebook.

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