Kuanghaixiang Alley - The Forgotten Alley In Chengdu Kuanghaixiang Alley - The Forgotten Alley In Chengdu

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kuanghaixiang Alley - The Forgotten Alley In Chengdu

Been very sick over the weekends and not able to blog about my trip in other places in Chengdu yesterday. But now I'm getting a little and while watching Scott Pilgrim VS the World now I think maybe I can blog a bit what I did after the visit to the Wuhou Memorial Temple. I missed out something in the visit to the Wuhou Memorial Temple, I did not even realized that I stepped into Jinli Ancient Street until my sister told me. How silly is that.

Our agenda did not stop only at the Wuhou Memorial Temple and Jinli Ancient Street. We also visited the forgotten alley in Chengdu, known as Broad and Narrow Alley or Kuanghaixiang Alley in Jinhe Road.

The alleys were built in the beginning of Qing Dynasty (1644 C 1911). After the Qing troops arrived here, they built some cities and some hutongs to the north of the Tai City become residence, and was forbidden for Han people. Officers lived in those broad alleys, while the Eight Flag members lived in a narrow alley that was parallel to the broad one.

Some might asked, if the alley is with historical value, why the alleys have been descended? The reason is simple, the alleys are so unnoticeable. Anyway, it is a good experience walking around the alleys as the admission is fee unlike visiting Wuhou Memorial Temple.

Guess I want to stop now. Seems like Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie is like game movie only. Is that guy dreaming or sees everything like computer game or what? I have no idea. So, back to watch movie. :D

Photos are uploaded to my facebook profile at Jason Toh.
Direct links to the Broad and Narrow Alley photos that I took.

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