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Monday, August 22, 2011


Well, guess I will blog a bit while I cannot sleep.

Can't really sleep over the night although suffering from headache (I think could be induce by the Chinese medicine that I drank which makes my body hot and then headache), but I feel happy about not having enough sleep. I do sleep for about an hour or so.

The young Devils has trashed Spurs 3-0 and it is something for me to cheer on while not getting enough sleep. Well, to some, the win might means nothing as we are still in the early stage of the season, but the win is not just another win by Manchester United.

It is a splendid performance by the young Devils which most Manchester United fans are worrying about how the team might perform without getting any new star players - so the win means a lot to the fan and to the club as Spurs is not just another club.

Well, yesterday win means that Fergie was right not to get any new stars to the team but to trust his Devils once again. The road to the EPL title is still long and not easy with the Red Devils still having to play the like of Arsenal and Liverpool, but I'm pretty sure that the young Devils can prove that Manchester United is still as mighty as ever.

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