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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Wishes

I have not been blogging in this blog for about a month, and time really flies. The last post that i blogged here is to wish those who celebrated the festival of light, Deepavali, a Happy Deepavali and now whenever we go out to the shopping malls, we will see the Christmas decorations, signaling Christmas is almost here and it's about time for many of us to start preparing for this holiday season. Not to mention, 2012 will be knocking at our door a week after Christmas.

So, let's talk about Christmas first. For Christians, Christmas is actually to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then for many others non-Christians, Christmas is about Santa Claus, gifts and nice decorations, and the best part of it of course is the holiday.

Then, we also have Christmas wishes - not sure where this tradition comes about, but many of the pop Christmas songs use Christmas wishes as the theme. If it is true, what do you wished for this Christmas?

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