How I spend my Christmas - Part 1 How I spend my Christmas - Part 1

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How I spend my Christmas - Part 1

On the way back to Ipoh

Well, Christmas is over, but to me, I am still having Christmas spirit in me. Hmm....actually not the real Christmas spirit, it is only the holiday mood that is actually with me. Anyway, this year, Christmas has been different for me. Usually on Christmas, our family members will be gathering together and have Christmas meals, be it in the form of course meals or BBQ style.

This year however, my mum intended to visit Singapore and so, everyone of us agree to go to Singapore except, my brother. Well, he told me the reason that he did not want to go is due to budget constraint, so, me and my younger sister will not force him to go with us, although we can sponsor him actually.

Anyway, last Friday, I directly came back from work from Kulim and then pack my stuff. While I was packing, my parents went to reload the Touch and Go card and then we pack our luggage into my car as we will be driving to Singapore from Ipoh. Before we left for Singapore, we had supper at McD with my brother and then finally drive to Singapore.

The journey took us about 6 hours plus. Then we have our car checked into Singapore and finally search for the way to my younger sister's place, Admiralty. Coincidentally, an ex-colleague cum friend also stayed there, so, I am to meet her on our second night in Singapore.

My breakfast in Singapore, Singapore laksa which is Malaysia curry Mee

My sister's place

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