How I spend my Christmas - Part 2 How I spend my Christmas - Part 2

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Friday, December 30, 2011

How I spend my Christmas - Part 2

This post continue from How I spend my Christmas - Part 1. Well, once we reached there Singapore at about 4 in the morning, we call my younger sister and parked our car nearby. We all went into the room that she's staying and everyone else is like getting a nap except both of us and finally we drove to nearby for our breakfast. Well, I even posted the Singapore laksa which is the Malaysian curry mee. Anyway, thank God that my breakfast, although not good, but still better as I heard a lot of comment from others that the food in Singapore is a little bit sweet.

Then we checked into Peninsula Excelsior Hotel and go to the nearest MRT station to buy the day ticket as we will be traveling a lot on this Christmas eve. Since my mum requested to go Haw Par Villa, we go there. It seems like we are a bit luckily as according to my friend, the place was undergoing renovation just not long ago. Anyway, we get to visit this place and took some interesting pictures of the place.

Next, we went to Holland Village to meet up with my grand uncle who stayed nearby and we have lunch with him and his wife at the Crystal Jade Restaurant. To my surprise, the "har kao" can match closely with the "har kao" at Foh San Restaurant back in Ipoh. After the lunch and tea break with him, finally, we go back to the hotel where everyone else except me and my younger sister take a 2 hour nap.

I followed her back to her place to take something and then we are back to the hotel to have shower and then move on to a monument place named Chijmes to have our dinner there. After our dinner, we took the MRT to Sommerset and walk to Orchard Road where the road is nicely decorated by Christmas decoration. The place is so crowded but still, we manage to get the feel of Christmas in Singapore.

Ok. Guess that's all for now. Tomorrow will blog the remaining Singapore trip. Now wanna go to sleep already. Nitez guys.

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