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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ipoh House Renovation Progress

I have never blogged about the progress of the renovation of my house back in Ipoh but I think maybe I can blog about it in this blog. Well, I got this house about 2 years back and the only reason me and my younger sister decided to get it is because of the location. The house is quite old, to be honest, so, we are sort of getting the land only, which also means that the house will need a major renovation which would definitely cost a bomb - in fact the cost of building a new house.
Sofas and coffee table

Ok. After completed the house transaction with the lawyer and bank loans, we spend some time to decide whether we want to have full 2 storeys or rather have a one and half storey and we finally decided to have a full 2 storeys so that we can build another master room. Fast forward three to four months later, the construction house structure is completed and then fast forward another two to three months, we have all the plaster ceiling, tiling, painting, wiring and piping installation done.

Just last few months back, we finally have the windows and grill and doors installed and finally the house is completed and we finally get the key from our contractor. No lighting and fans yet, but yea, the house is ready for move in. I took few days off to decide on curtains and the decorative lights, down lights and fans as we think these are the most important things in a house. And now we got the curtains and lightings as well.

My favourite

Sofas and coffee from another view

While all those were installed, I talked to one guy to do our kitchen cabinets and now we are in the progress of waiting for the kitchen cabinets. Last few weeks, finally we decided to start buying some furniture slowly while awaiting for our kitchen cabinet and finally we got our sofas and coffee table already.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breakfast at Sin Yoon Loong

Well it's been some time since I last went to Ipoh Old Town for breakfast, and today I had my breakfast in one of the most famous place in Ipoh - Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop. Well, the coffee taste almost as good as those in Old Town Kopitiam and cost way lower. I don't want to compare with Starbucks as Starbucks would be totally another type of coffee.

This place is famous for its White Coffee

I order a cup of coffee and have fishball Hor Fun - Ipoh is also a famous place for Hor Fun. Although we originally plan to have our breakfast in the origin of Old Town White Coffee, Nam Heong which is just the opposite of this shop, but Nam Heong was closed. Anyway, the coffee is good, the food is not bad. Overall, it's nice to have breakfast here especially with family members.

The smell of the White Coffee.....hmmmmm :D

Forgot what this is called.....caramel custard?

The Hor Fun is not too bad, although I can find better Hor Fun in Ipoh

The fish balls are nice


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and we celebrated Mother's Day with our mum and granny in the Mun Cheong Restaurant. It is quite unusual for us to celebrate special occasion in a Chinese cuisine restaurant as usually we will opt to celebrate occasion like this in restaurants or cafes that serve western food, but since granny is staying with us until her house renovation is completed, we have it in the Chinese cuisine restaurant.

Honestly if you ask me, I prefer to have it elsewhere but surprisingly the food turns out to be quite nice. We have like six dishes. Here goes the first dish that was served.
This soup....don't know the name, but it turns out that I like it very much.

Salad prawn - too sweet
Fish - one of the best dishes today, as we can finish this fish up.

Overall, the food is OK and again, what we would like to emphasize more is on the celebration and the quality that each and everyone of us have.

Finally, I will like to wish all the my mother once more and all the mothers in the world a Happy Mother's Day.


Sunday, May 6, 2012


It's been a while since my last post and my page rank dropped again this quarter, not that it really matters, but it is making my blog look bad. With so many things to happen over the last 2 months, it is just so unfortunate that I did not blog about those - well again due to the bad Internet speed that I am getting in Malaysia.

I was on business trip to the United States in March and I visited some of the places over there, in which I am thinking to blog later after I am back home, at least, when I want to upload will be faster and I don't used up the capacity given by my broadband provider.

Well, over the last 2 months, I was very busy with my work as well as my house in Ipoh is undergoing renovation - which is almost completed. I am still waiting for the delivery of the built-in cabinets and furniture for the house. Looks to me that recent activities really burn a lot of cash. Did my car service last week, and it's just too bad that I will need to change the rear absorbers as well, and then my car wheels need change as well. :(


Thursday, May 3, 2012

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