Slow and Busy Day In Kulim Slow and Busy Day In Kulim

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slow and Busy Day In Kulim

Today has been extremely slow and busy day for me in Kulim, not busy with office related work, but busy cleaning up my room, as well as packing some stuff to take along when I go back to Ipoh next week.

Early morning after I had simple breakfast, milk and protein and some biscuits while watching an episode of TVB drama, Ghetto Justice 2. Then, off to kick off the start of the busy day in Kulim - first, by washing the clothes I wore during the weekdays and then drying them.

Next, took out some of the old stuff like books and stationary from the TV cabinet and put the stuff at the living hall, so that I can remember to pack them together before going back Ipoh next week. At the same time I wiped the TV cabinet and TV, it's really dusty and having so many cobwebs - despite wiping off those cobwebs like few weeks back.

Stuff that I will be bringing back to Ipoh

After that, I wiped the railings of the wardrobe as well as the mini plastic cabinet that I bring along here as those are covered with the cobwebs and dust as well as throwing some junks that I kept for years.

Railings of the wardrobe is now cobweb-free...............................for dunno how long

Then, I mopped the floor of the room and took few minutes break before I disassemble my fan and then wash it and left it for drying as I head for my shower and call it half time. After my shower, I headed out for lunch, and met one of my colleague, Brian there and we have our lunch at the Lum Khee Restaurant. In fact, this is the famous food spot in Kulim, which I intend to blog in my Jason's Food Haven blog.

After having my lunch, I drove back and then boil some water to make a cup of coffee and continue another episode of Ghetto Justice 2. After very long break, I assume the floor and the fan will be dry by now, so I assemble to fan and put everything back to their place.

Still a bit messy on the Japanese table, but everything looks organized

Finally, I call it a day by watching Chicken and Duck Tales on TV. This kind of retro movie somehow really attracts me, really enjoy watching the Hui brothers. I will continue cleaning up the rest of the things in the living hall tomorrow, hopefully.

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