My Chinese New Year Celebration [Day 2 and Day 3] My Chinese New Year Celebration [Day 2 and Day 3]

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Chinese New Year Celebration [Day 2 and Day 3]

This post continue from the previous blog post of My Chinese New Year Celebration [Eve and Day 1].

After all the feasting on the eve of the Chinese New Year and the first day of the Chinese New Year, we don't really stop there. I think part of the Chinese New Year is about food and drink, as we stock up our house with soft drinks, mandarin oranges, cookies and other food.

On the second day of the Chinese New Year, we just re-heat the leftover food for our lunch and then as usual, I will watch the television. Anyway, most of the day time was spent at home because my aunt (my dad's sister) and our cousins came over, so we basically chat throughout the afternoon until about dinner time when they will go to my uncle's house for dinner.

We had our dinner at Nando's Chicken, when at first we plan to dine at Dragon-I, but the Dragon-I was fully booked until after 8.30p.m, which is way after our dinner time. And so finally, we don't really have much choice in Aeon Station 18 except Nando's.



As usual, after dinner, we will take a walk around the shopping mall, with my parents doing some groceries while we were supposed to go to Faceshop to buy something, but unfortunately most of the shops are still closed, so we kind of like window shopping before we have our coffee session at the Starbucks.

Queue to order our Starbucks

Jam when we are on the way back

Next day, we woke up early morning and get ready to go to Sam Poh Tong, as it is my grandma's "last seven". So, we met my mum's siblings' family at Sam Poh Tong and have some prayers had our breakfast at the nearest Old Town Kopitiam, as the coffee shop that we planned to have our breakfast was packed.

And finally, we had our dinner at my uncle's place and he himself will be the cook for the day - he has always been the cook most of the time during the festive seasons at my grandmother's house. We had quite a good and simple meal and time together before it's time to send my younger sister to the bus station as she will be heading back to Singapore.

Salad prawn......taste very good - one of my favourite

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