My Chinese New Year Celebration [Eve and Day 1] My Chinese New Year Celebration [Eve and Day 1]

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Chinese New Year Celebration [Eve and Day 1]

It is a different kind of Chinese New Year celebration for me and my family this time, we are not supposed to have the celebration, but in order to respect our grandparents, we do it a little bit low profile. This is in fact the first time we celebrate the Chinese New Year without our grandparents, so we kinda spend most of the time at my house, with my super mum as the cook for our meals most of the time.

Homemade roast pork

On the Chinese New Year eve, it is kinda a bit rush for us, as my sister from Singapore called us early in the morning informing us that she bought the wrong flight ticket and she will wait in the Changi Airport to see if there is flight ticket back to Ipoh available, while at the same time buying the bus ticket. Thank God that someone left Singapore to Ipoh few days earlier, so she has got her flight ticket finally and was able to join the family for dinner.

We have our dinner at the house and we are served we some of the best meal we have ever had, with my mum as the cook. We even have home made roasted pork as one of the dishes, and like most Chinese, prawn is definitely part of the menu. Our cousin also join us for the dinner and we really have great deal of quality time feasting and chatting with each other.

Supermum starting to cook

Chopping chicken into pieces


To usher in the year of Snake, we have simple some snacks and tea as well as red wine while watching some Chinese New Year movies on our big TV at the living hall. This is something that we always do every year to usher in the lunar year.

Snacks, tea and wine

Next day, we had lunch at the house together with my mum's sister's family and chat a while before they left to go shopping at the Kinta City while we watch movie at home, while getting ready to have our dinner at the Fairway Restaurant inside the Perak Royal Golf Club. The dinner is not exceptionally great, but was good and it was also another great time spend together.

Beautiful scenery in the Perak Royal Golf Club

That wraps off what I did in the Chinese New Year eve and on Day one. Will blog more about this year's Chinese New Year's celebration in my upcoming posts.

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