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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Awesome Double Date on Valentine's Day

My brother blogged about our double date with our cousins on the Valentine's day in his blog the other day, and I decided to blog about it in this blog as well, before blogging about my short holiday cum mother's birthday trip to Kuala Lumpur which has just over last few days.

My brother was right when he called it a double date - since we have two guys and two girls for a hang out session. It just that it coincide with the Valentine's day. Well, to be honest the day itself is full of surprises and an interesting one - well, at least to me.

Our awesome possum picture!!

First, it so happen we met our relative from KL whom we had our family gathering the day before at the Foh San Restaurant. And the next surprise and I think it only applies to me as somehow my brother made and my cousin was talking about meeting out and hanging out on that day.

Anyhow, we fetched them at their hotel and had our lunch at the Sushi King in Ipoh Parade, mainly because we will be hanging out at the nearest Starbucks there as well. I don't really realized it was Valentine's day until I saw many stalls setup to sell flowers and gifts and then my cousins been talking about it.


Scanning for cash on the go :P

And so, the following surprises, I'll just take it directly from my brother's blog, as those really best sums up the whole thing.

"Flowers are involved...I still remember that there are moments when hands are hold together...ahem!! and yup, the outing ended in a hotel."'s not exactly what everyone might be thinking. We just dropped my cousin back to her hotel and I so happened to accompany her back to her hotel room. Overall, it was fun meeting and hanging out with the two of them although it does get a bit awkward "dating" cousins during the Valentine's day.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Chinese New Year Celebration [Day 2 and Day 3]

This post continue from the previous blog post of My Chinese New Year Celebration [Eve and Day 1].

After all the feasting on the eve of the Chinese New Year and the first day of the Chinese New Year, we don't really stop there. I think part of the Chinese New Year is about food and drink, as we stock up our house with soft drinks, mandarin oranges, cookies and other food.

On the second day of the Chinese New Year, we just re-heat the leftover food for our lunch and then as usual, I will watch the television. Anyway, most of the day time was spent at home because my aunt (my dad's sister) and our cousins came over, so we basically chat throughout the afternoon until about dinner time when they will go to my uncle's house for dinner.

We had our dinner at Nando's Chicken, when at first we plan to dine at Dragon-I, but the Dragon-I was fully booked until after 8.30p.m, which is way after our dinner time. And so finally, we don't really have much choice in Aeon Station 18 except Nando's.



As usual, after dinner, we will take a walk around the shopping mall, with my parents doing some groceries while we were supposed to go to Faceshop to buy something, but unfortunately most of the shops are still closed, so we kind of like window shopping before we have our coffee session at the Starbucks.

Queue to order our Starbucks

Jam when we are on the way back

Next day, we woke up early morning and get ready to go to Sam Poh Tong, as it is my grandma's "last seven". So, we met my mum's siblings' family at Sam Poh Tong and have some prayers had our breakfast at the nearest Old Town Kopitiam, as the coffee shop that we planned to have our breakfast was packed.

And finally, we had our dinner at my uncle's place and he himself will be the cook for the day - he has always been the cook most of the time during the festive seasons at my grandmother's house. We had quite a good and simple meal and time together before it's time to send my younger sister to the bus station as she will be heading back to Singapore.

Salad prawn......taste very good - one of my favourite


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Chinese New Year Celebration [Eve and Day 1]

It is a different kind of Chinese New Year celebration for me and my family this time, we are not supposed to have the celebration, but in order to respect our grandparents, we do it a little bit low profile. This is in fact the first time we celebrate the Chinese New Year without our grandparents, so we kinda spend most of the time at my house, with my super mum as the cook for our meals most of the time.

Homemade roast pork

On the Chinese New Year eve, it is kinda a bit rush for us, as my sister from Singapore called us early in the morning informing us that she bought the wrong flight ticket and she will wait in the Changi Airport to see if there is flight ticket back to Ipoh available, while at the same time buying the bus ticket. Thank God that someone left Singapore to Ipoh few days earlier, so she has got her flight ticket finally and was able to join the family for dinner.

We have our dinner at the house and we are served we some of the best meal we have ever had, with my mum as the cook. We even have home made roasted pork as one of the dishes, and like most Chinese, prawn is definitely part of the menu. Our cousin also join us for the dinner and we really have great deal of quality time feasting and chatting with each other.

Supermum starting to cook

Chopping chicken into pieces


To usher in the year of Snake, we have simple some snacks and tea as well as red wine while watching some Chinese New Year movies on our big TV at the living hall. This is something that we always do every year to usher in the lunar year.

Snacks, tea and wine

Next day, we had lunch at the house together with my mum's sister's family and chat a while before they left to go shopping at the Kinta City while we watch movie at home, while getting ready to have our dinner at the Fairway Restaurant inside the Perak Royal Golf Club. The dinner is not exceptionally great, but was good and it was also another great time spend together.

Beautiful scenery in the Perak Royal Golf Club

That wraps off what I did in the Chinese New Year eve and on Day one. Will blog more about this year's Chinese New Year's celebration in my upcoming posts.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Manchester United Started Off The Snake Year with 12 Points Lead

It is business as usual for Manchester United who beat the Toffees 2-0 and is now 12 points lead over the noisy neighbour, Manchester City after losing against Southampton. I was watching the match live with my brother at Nasmir and definitely one of the most thrilling match I watched this season, some of the them pretty disappointing especially on the defensive problem, but yesterday de Gea and company prove once again that the Red Devils can keep a clean sheet if they wanted to.

Manchester United celebrate after Giggsy 1st goal against Everton

The match started off with Manchester United attacking Everton and I just can feel that RVP can get a goal or two in the match and not long after the kick off, Wayne Rooney threaded a pass through to Van Persie, which allowed the Dutchman to cruise round Tim Howard, but he turned his shot on to the post. 

Anyway, Giggs handed Manchester United the lead when he calmly slotted in the pass by Robin Van Persie in the 13th minute. And before the first-half ends, RVP added his name to the score sheet, by rounding off Tim Howard with a through pass by Rafael before calmly slotted home the second goal to wrap off the game.

Everton, responded well, with David de Gea produced an excellent flying stop to deny Leon Osman and Kevin Mirallas' cross was not quite accurate enough for Victor Anichebe, who would have had the goal at his mercy. Phil Jones did exceptional well to keep the in-form Fellaini at bay and a late swipe at Cleverley to collect a yellow card summed up his afternoon.

There were other scoring opportunities for Manchester United, with Evans were thrice denied a goal in within five seconds and RVP fires wide inside the box, but I bet Fergie would take 3 points today with the same scoreline, while we are preparing the Real Madrid match. So, the Red Devils ushered in the year of snake with 12 points, with just 12 games to go.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing everyone who celebrates the Chinese New Year, a prosperous Chinese New Year and others happy holiday!!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slow and Busy Day In Kulim

Today has been extremely slow and busy day for me in Kulim, not busy with office related work, but busy cleaning up my room, as well as packing some stuff to take along when I go back to Ipoh next week.

Early morning after I had simple breakfast, milk and protein and some biscuits while watching an episode of TVB drama, Ghetto Justice 2. Then, off to kick off the start of the busy day in Kulim - first, by washing the clothes I wore during the weekdays and then drying them.

Next, took out some of the old stuff like books and stationary from the TV cabinet and put the stuff at the living hall, so that I can remember to pack them together before going back Ipoh next week. At the same time I wiped the TV cabinet and TV, it's really dusty and having so many cobwebs - despite wiping off those cobwebs like few weeks back.

Stuff that I will be bringing back to Ipoh

After that, I wiped the railings of the wardrobe as well as the mini plastic cabinet that I bring along here as those are covered with the cobwebs and dust as well as throwing some junks that I kept for years.

Railings of the wardrobe is now cobweb-free...............................for dunno how long

Then, I mopped the floor of the room and took few minutes break before I disassemble my fan and then wash it and left it for drying as I head for my shower and call it half time. After my shower, I headed out for lunch, and met one of my colleague, Brian there and we have our lunch at the Lum Khee Restaurant. In fact, this is the famous food spot in Kulim, which I intend to blog in my Jason's Food Haven blog.

After having my lunch, I drove back and then boil some water to make a cup of coffee and continue another episode of Ghetto Justice 2. After very long break, I assume the floor and the fan will be dry by now, so I assemble to fan and put everything back to their place.

Still a bit messy on the Japanese table, but everything looks organized

Finally, I call it a day by watching Chicken and Duck Tales on TV. This kind of retro movie somehow really attracts me, really enjoy watching the Hui brothers. I will continue cleaning up the rest of the things in the living hall tomorrow, hopefully.


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