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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slow Broadband Connection

I've been facing an extremely slow broadband connection over here. I begin to wonder, is it just me over in Malaysia or all people are having the same problem. If everywhere also the same, then could be google? To be honest, I'm not only facing slow Internet connectivity when I'm back at home. Even in the office the whole network sluggish like "snails". When I try to load will stuck like forever, until I refresh. Then when I go to forum, sometimes, totally cannot load. Then come Facebook. When I try to play the Pet Society.....the interface lag like grrrrrr.....dunno how to explain anymore.

Then something come up from my mind. Is it recession that most hosting server reduce their servers? Or my company cutting cut down on the broadband? Or is it TM which recently releasing the not-so-good financial result that prompt them to cut down oversea connections or reduce the number of connections to oversea servers?? Well, there's no prize for those who manage to guess it correctly. And worst thing is I still need to bear with slow broadband connection. And I thought broadband was supposed to be fast. Lolz.......

Anyway, I do hope that the SNAIL CONNECTION will back to the usual and the supposedly FAST CONNECTION

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