Christmas Preparation - Part 2 Christmas Preparation - Part 2

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Preparation - Part 2

This post is to continue what I stop from the 1st part.

Yesterday was public holiday for some, well, at least for it was public holiday for me. I was still in Ipoh until this morning. Well, I went shopping for more Christmas tree decoration with my brother and his girlfriend at Ipoh Parade while waiting for my sister who was having her ACCA examination at Sunway. There's quite a lot of people doing their Christmas shopping as well, surprisingly, since not everyone was off yesterday. Anyway back to my own Christmas shopping, we just buy additional Christmas tree decoration, but amazingly still chalk up the bill up to more than RM200. Then we can also take a look at the camera fair as my sister was planning to get a new digicam, which is waterproof. Anyway, we have decided not to buy at the moment, partly due to my sister was at the exam hall. We leave the shopping mall at about 5++pm to fetch my sister at Sunway. Then we headed home.

After having my dinner, I started to decorate the tree with the new decorations that we bought at Ipoh Parade with my parents and sister. My brother was at his girlfriend's house at the moment. So, we decided not to wait for him. We decorate the tree ourselves. And the finished project.........

After.....with new "red" decorations

This picture might seems familiar....well it was at the Part 1 post, but just to re-post to compare the before adding in the "red" decorations, just plain gold

Next step, decision on whether to just have potluck or potbless or with BBQ together. Food preparation will be up next.....but I won't be doing that.


  1. Wow ... See d difference between the with and w/out reds? Nice tree.

  2. hey, your christmas tree is looking good on red motiff! btw justin, if you don't mind, can i add you in my VIP list (a.k.a the blogroll LOL!) so I can regularly visit you. Thanks!!!


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