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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking for the suitable broadband to be used...

I tried looking endlessly for the most suitable broadband package but I find myself being disappointed over and over again.
It is rather a big blow and I must said that Malaysia is far from becoming a developed country if we can't improve ourselves on this area.
As I was looking through DIGI, Maxis, iZZi, P1, and Celcom, I must said that Celcom seems to come out with the best offer yet it does not really fulfill my criteria. To make it worse, I've been reading tonnes of negative comments regarding their package with some even saying that Digi EDGE is even better.
Celcom, being the number 1 broadband provider in Malaysia since it has the widest coverage and apparently, the most affordable plan.
Below are the plans available with Celcom.

The best and of course, one of the most expensive plan that I've come across so far....

Celcom Broadband Wireless Gateway + Voice Plan for instant high speed Internet connectivity as well as mobile networking with friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Then, there is the Broadband Basic and Broadband Advance.

Of course the plan that actually attracted me were the Home, Hop and Away Plan which could be very useful for travelling, staying at home and it's quite affordable. However, I'm rather disappointed to know that it actually come with a time limit. Looking through the plans and packages available, I might opt for Broadband Basic as there will not be a need to continue to use it for a year unlike the other plans. Hopefully when DIGI has their 3G, they will come out with much more affordable and convenient plan.

Now I know why we see so much improvement in Digi over the years while the other companies are slowly being caught up by Digi. I'm sure that looking at DIGI's example will be a clear guide for us towards survival....anyway at the moment, Celcom still rules in Malaysia.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Da Vinci Sleep...

One of the best way to keep learning and be proactive is to continuously staying awake, but human bodies have their limitation and at certain time, there is a need for rest.
However, there is a way to increase your alert and awaking moment. It is known as the Da Vinci Sleep. I know it sound something like Da Vinci Code but really, there is no connection with it. On a more formal language, it is called the polyphasic sleep. Or maybe called as the "sleep of genius".
It is actually the sleeping pattern that involves sleeping not more than 5 hours everyday and yet still being energetic and alert. Some experts are even more crazy in saying that it could help you to be awake for 22 hours in a day, which is how Leonardo Da Vinci actually sleep.

Anyway whether it be 2 hours of sleep or 4 hours of sleep, it is actually possible.

This type of sleeping pattern requires you to sleep for 4 hours and then taking about 20 minutes of nap. In fact, the 2o minutes power nap is more often very helpful and help one to rest more.

However, there is only one negative effect of such sleeping pattern, which is if you can't keep to the schedule, then you will eventually be very sleepy and lethargic. Therefore, if you feel that you're incapable of managing your time, then this sleeping pattern is not for you.

I tried it myself and realized that it's actually quite cool with this sleeping pattern. I'm still doing it once in a while but I find it difficult to stick to the schedule as there is a lot of travelling for me to do every week.

Anyway for those who are interested, you should also get the Da Vinci Clock....Google about it and read about it ya?

Want more time to be awake, try the Da VINCI sleep....:-)


Taking initiative...

When I said we need to start talking about money, I think it's a step towards initiative that eventually generate innovative and creativity. How many people could think of creating PageRank like Google did?
How many Timothy Tiah that could come out with "Nuffnang"?
Although I'm not a supporter of Nuffnang but I believe that this advertisement company has its' potential of growth. what can we talk about that generate the ideas for making money?

Firstly, let us look at the economy growth at this stage? Is it bad or really bad? I think most of us will look at it as extremely bad and in fact, it is true. But we're not going to just sit back and do nothing. I believe this time is crucial for us to gain our knowledge, mark my word, when I said gain knowledge, I did not say anything about going for postgraduate studies or not.

One of the true failure of creativity and innovation is the education system and hence, to even think of gaining more knowledge through this route would be foolishness.

However, when I said gain knowledge, I mean it is time for us to read about the stories and experience of others. To see the perspective of life from different angles, which is why blogging could be part of that process. By expressing your views and reading about the opinion of others, we are creating a new awareness within us.

That is part of the step. Of course, if we still want to be earning more income at this stage, then more need to be done. That is what I will be talking about next


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Talking about money....

One of the key towards survival will nonetheless be money!

You cannot talk about money thinking that it is not important or unnecessary because in this world we're living in, everything revolves about money.

If you wanna go out with your friends, it takes money.
If you want to be a good son and buy something for your parents, that will need money as well.
If your children are sick and you need to bring them to see doctor, then it will also involves money.

So, if you don't have money, it will be a BIG ISSUE....

And hence the one of the key towards survival in this ever changing and fast-paced world will be money.

We will first need to talk about money, learn about the ways to earn more and of course savings as well.

For that, I will leave it for my up and coming post!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Award from Neno's

After some time not able to post on this blog and check this blog for all the chat and comments left by others, I was quite surprised to get an award from a blogger friend, Nenoneno.

The aim for the award:-
  • As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
  • To seek the reasons why we all love blogging!
How the award rules going is as below:-

  • Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
  • Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
  • Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
  • Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.
  • Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

The reason I love blogging?
The reason I love blogging is because that is where I can share my thoughts with others, at the same time meet other blogger and we can share our thoughts as well. And the one important thing about blogging is it is also fun and relaxing because I can shout our anger, rant over the net whenever I was upset about things that happens in life.

And here I am to share with some of my blogger friend:-

, Ria, SHY, Carlos, Kal-El.

Thanks Nenoneno.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Outstanding...not nerdy!!

Being the best has been something that everyone aims at, but the right question to ask should be what does it takes to be the best. To be surpassing your peers will probably require to look beyond reading for people’s idea but start coming out with one. Or if you innovative enough, modify and make the idea of another person even better.

I want to personally share some of my experience, be it in looking for extra incomes, or in achieving better results than your peers in terms of creativity and ideas.

First of all, I am now financially independent although I’m only studying in my First year in local university, thanks to firstly: Great Eastern Scholarship and secondly, my own effort in working part time job during my holiday and of course I’m still giving private tutor lesson now. I’m not earning too much but enough to stay independent.

Well, the main source of course will be the Great Eastern Scholarship and here, I would like to stress and remind all those trying to achieve better results than your friends, it is not just your results that count. It is your character that made you more outstanding the rest.

A few examples of what determines my characters:

1) In a Prefect’s camp, I was in a group and we were told to come out with a sketch or a drama. I was not the group leader and neither was I anyone Big in the group but I was giving the ideas and working on the team spirit for the sketch. Taking the idea from Singapore comedy, I reinvented it to suit the program. That’s how far I would go.

2) I was the kind of guy who stay awake just to read and understand certain things. I’m not a quitter.

3) I teaches those who are weaker than me, and although at times, it takes up my time and priority, I learn the key to teach, to be a tutor….something that I’m doing now.

4) In any argument, I’m good at talking. As in I’m good in encouraging others, console them or even comfort them.

5) I might not be knowledgeable in everything but I’m willing to learn. So, I never seem to be left out in any topics. But like many others, that depends on mood.

I guess these are a few things that we need to acknowledge. A vast experience and willingness to learn, because in the process of learning, we gain even more insight and understanding. I’m actively involve in any conversation or planning or discussion that I’m interested in. I don’t just sit and wait to be ordered to do this and that. I’ll do it.

Well, again, I just hope those that are reading these will not expect something magical to happen for them to be stronger and surpass their peers in reading information from the World Wide Web although I must admit that it does help. But what helps one surpass the rest is the willingness to surpass oneself.

At the moment, here is all I got for you!!!

Stay tune for more….


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Survival of the Fittest!!

I was once the kind of guy who was too shy to try things beyond my comfort zone.
I was the kind of guy who lack the self-confidence and really, even in school, nobody seems to notice me.
A sore loser? That probably was the right word to describe me.
But it was just recently that I learned one of the most important thing in life.
That it isn't about afraid of losing. I realized that I never try enough because I was too afraid of losing. I know I needed to break free from such mentality. I need to be able to fight against such perspective. I must thank one of my friend for telling me about the importance of survival, and only the fittest survives in this real world.
Which is why I name my blog: "Survival of the Fittest"

I know that the path of learning is still a long way to go. But I will make sure that at the end of this competition, I'll be ahead and not trailing from behind.

This reality is painful to accept but really, only the strong survives. Only the fittest will make it through...

Let the competition begins...


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