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Friday, March 27, 2009

Da Vinci Sleep...

One of the best way to keep learning and be proactive is to continuously staying awake, but human bodies have their limitation and at certain time, there is a need for rest.
However, there is a way to increase your alert and awaking moment. It is known as the Da Vinci Sleep. I know it sound something like Da Vinci Code but really, there is no connection with it. On a more formal language, it is called the polyphasic sleep. Or maybe called as the "sleep of genius".
It is actually the sleeping pattern that involves sleeping not more than 5 hours everyday and yet still being energetic and alert. Some experts are even more crazy in saying that it could help you to be awake for 22 hours in a day, which is how Leonardo Da Vinci actually sleep.

Anyway whether it be 2 hours of sleep or 4 hours of sleep, it is actually possible.

This type of sleeping pattern requires you to sleep for 4 hours and then taking about 20 minutes of nap. In fact, the 2o minutes power nap is more often very helpful and help one to rest more.

However, there is only one negative effect of such sleeping pattern, which is if you can't keep to the schedule, then you will eventually be very sleepy and lethargic. Therefore, if you feel that you're incapable of managing your time, then this sleeping pattern is not for you.

I tried it myself and realized that it's actually quite cool with this sleeping pattern. I'm still doing it once in a while but I find it difficult to stick to the schedule as there is a lot of travelling for me to do every week.

Anyway for those who are interested, you should also get the Da Vinci Clock....Google about it and read about it ya?

Want more time to be awake, try the Da VINCI sleep....:-)

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