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Friday, March 27, 2009

Taking initiative...

When I said we need to start talking about money, I think it's a step towards initiative that eventually generate innovative and creativity. How many people could think of creating PageRank like Google did?
How many Timothy Tiah that could come out with "Nuffnang"?
Although I'm not a supporter of Nuffnang but I believe that this advertisement company has its' potential of growth.

Alright...so what can we talk about that generate the ideas for making money?

Firstly, let us look at the economy growth at this stage? Is it bad or really bad? I think most of us will look at it as extremely bad and in fact, it is true. But we're not going to just sit back and do nothing. I believe this time is crucial for us to gain our knowledge, mark my word, when I said gain knowledge, I did not say anything about going for postgraduate studies or not.

One of the true failure of creativity and innovation is the education system and hence, to even think of gaining more knowledge through this route would be foolishness.

However, when I said gain knowledge, I mean it is time for us to read about the stories and experience of others. To see the perspective of life from different angles, which is why blogging could be part of that process. By expressing your views and reading about the opinion of others, we are creating a new awareness within us.

That is part of the step. Of course, if we still want to be earning more income at this stage, then more need to be done. That is what I will be talking about next

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