Christmas Preparation - Part 1 Christmas Preparation - Part 1

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Preparation - Part 1

When you walk about the malls this few days, you will surely see the Christmas decoration around. This is the indicator that Christmas Day is near. And it also means one thing to my family, preparation. It is always a joy thinking that the Christmas is near, always looking ahead of this day. It is a day where all Christian gathers together to celebrate the birth of Christ and at the same time the whole world is partying. It also means 1 week before we "Start of Something New". Anyway, back to my house preparation. My brother and his girlfriend and me setting up our our house Christmas tree with decorations.

Setting up the tree "foundation"

Clueless on what to do next

Great. Tree setup is done. Up next, decoration and lights!!

Still working in progress


We have good news and bad news. Good news is, we are getting more decoration for the tree. Bad news is the tree is only halfway done!!


  1. Wow, Christmas na Christmas na dito,ah! I really do miss decorating trees unfortunately, wala kaming nyan ngayon dito sa apartment cause we are looking forward of going home for the holiday...

    Have fun and goodluck to your merry making!

  2. advance merry xmas! it's just so around the corner.. i miss my family more..

  3. i'm waiting for Part 2. How's the preparation? is it done now?

  4. Tripzibit:
    This coming weekend, will be Part 2. Part 2 will be continue with the decorations, Part 3 might be organizing the Christmas BBQ + Pot Bless at home.

    You are not staying with your family? Staying oversea? Plan to go back celebrate Christmas wif family?


  5. Hi Jason,
    Your Christmas Tree is looking great in gold! Can't wait to see the finished decorated tree =) Good luck!


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