Chinese New Year Photos - Part 1 Chinese New Year Photos - Part 1

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chinese New Year Photos - Part 1

The Chinese New Year celebration reach the 10th day and I have all the photos that were taken during the first two day of the Chinese New Year and the Chinese New Year eve.

Today I will post those taken in the Chinese New Year eve. :)

Having 'Yee Sang' in my grandmother's house. 'Lou Yee Sang' means increasing in abundance.

Still Yee Sang

A closer look at the Yee Sang (鱼生)

The reunion dinner

Have to split in two tables, cause the table is too small :p

Back home, while awaiting for "tea" session, we watch some Chinese New Year specials

Nien Gao for our "tea" session

Helping out in preparation

All the food are ready


  1. looking at yr pics remind me of cny.. tomorrow is end of cny..chap goh mei...what a new much has happened..

    hey, r u from IPOH? me too..hope u come by..

  2. what a joyful chinese new year! There's alot of food there =3

    i'm curious what yee sang is actually??

  3. I only realized we actually celebrate our CNY...quite meriah oh


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