Prejudice and Despise Prejudice and Despise

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prejudice and Despise

During the last weekends, I was talking with my brother regarding my attitude towards others and his reply really kept me thinking. To me, there are different classes or ranking for each people, family and friend as well. Taking myself as benchmark.....some will eventually falls to higher rank than me or lower rank than me or just the same rank. Everything is just based on my perception taking into account a lot of things (in which I won't be able to disclose it). What I hated most is that I judge others so harsh and that I judge my family members even harsher. It's like for those not so close to me, their passing marks can be just 20%, and they are like the same rank as me, above the passing marks meaning they have high ranking. For those closer to me especially my family members, I'll set their passing marks higher like maybe 3x or 4x more. Eventually my perception as the Judge leads to some straineous relationship with some others falling under the lower ranking. In actual fact, I will despise those from the lower rank category, if they do not show any initiative to change to better.

This one attitude, which my brother told me, makes me lose respect to those I despises, even family member. His feedback really troubles me, as what he told me was quite true. I have becoming someone I have hated to become.

I will really have to change from becoming the man I despises. Not only it has change me to become an arrogant monster, it also ruin some of my relationship. Well, guess I'm done venting my anger towards it is time for me to change to become better. Remember.....I despises those who do not want to change to become better, especially when they are from lower rank category.

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