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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Political Turmoil In Perak

This post may come in a little bit late, but still I want to post it because it happened to my beloved hometown. While the Chinese were still celebrating Chinese New Year, or at least still in the Chinese New Year, something 'BIG' happened. It's the switch of power from PR to BN. Probably this is one news that is very hard to swallow by some people, but still BN will rule Perak as of now until further changes..........maybe few other by-elections, Sultan suddenly changes his mind, some politicians change mind and jump to PR.

The situation is pretty simple. Perak Sultan couldn't agree with Nizar to dissolve the State Assembly, and give the power to BN to rule Perak. BN and PR both have 28 seats. While dissolvement of the State Assembly is what the Perakians expected, the Sultan proved to them everything is possible. Many Perakians feel that they were robbed of democracy and that they deserve to choose again if there is snap election going.

Probably the biggest mistake is that PR welcome the assemblyman from BN a week before. The way PR choose to welcome those who leave BN is opposite the PR's principle which is for the Rakyat instead of Power. The acceptance of the assemblyman make it looks as if PR is strengthening, or at least still have more seats than BN, even though at that time 2 assemblyman from PKR (PR) were about to leave the coalition. While dissolvement of the State Assembly looks a better choice due to uncertainty, PR choose to just accept the assemblyman though there's discussion on the possibility of getting a by-election if there's defection.

Next, by judging at the situation, the unity among the PR component parties are still in a doubt. It is always more transparent and open if the component parties have their own stand and principles. But, the way Karpal Singh voice out for the president of PR to step down makes them looks like sore loser.

The PR may have lost the battle at the moment, but if PR is to win the heart of the Rakyat, PR has to become an effective opposition and stand up for the injustice and to stand firmly on their principles, for the Rakyat, snstead of wasting time to go politicking. In this way, people will know that PR is for them. The PR government has been doing quite well during their 10 months as the Perak, so it only make sense if they continue their good job as opposition.

BN, on the other hand, force their way to become the Perak Government. Given the way they provoke the anger of the Perakians, this is definitely their last chance to prove their worth. I am quite positive we can see more development happening in Perak as if BN cannot deliver during this 3-5 years, this could spell the end for BN reign in Perak.

With this political turmoil, it gives the Perakians one very valuable lesson, which is we cannot put our trust on some Tom, Dick and Harry politicians just because we do not like the other party. The politician should stand firm by his or her principles. Another lesson we get from the situation is never let one party to have slim win. If they are to win, let them win by a miles, well at least if the defection occurs, then it will not happen so easily. Or the best way is to propose a ruling to prevent defections to occur.

As of now, I do wish all the best for BN in their reign in Perak. As for PR, we all feel for you guys. You all have been a great government during these 10 months stint. But, sometimes you need to lose a battle to win the war. BN might have won the battle this round, but if they cannot deliver, in the next GE, PR will have convincing win, provided PR also do their part in becoming an effective opposition.

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