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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tired and Saturated

This week has been crazy to me. I usually take things very easy at work, as I believe I have all the capability to solve issues within time. But this week is different story. First, when I reach office on Monday morning, suddenly I was told that I will be the owner of MID product. Not that I don't want to own the product, I have so many products in hand and most of the products are still in development stage and some are still seeing issue at the customer's site. I'm not the only one worry about taking the ownership of that product, most of the colleagues also same. I was lucky though, as my manager asked my workload and bandwidth before committing to the other manager regarding the product ownership, hence I rejected it and in the end, another guy will take over the ownership of that product. Then I was requested to do some looping test over one of the board which has ECO (the looping still ongoing now). Next another board also required looping as we are seeing some issue in customer site and the design engineer did some ECO to the board. This is not all. I'm still in the learning phase of developing an executive to run test program and was already assigned to do some of the more advanced development. Well, I do enjoy my work, but at the same time these workloads were enough to almost prevent me from blogging as I'm quite saturated and exhausted. Anyway, just to vent out something that come across my mind. Again, I would like to stress that I enjoy my work, but this week has been real crazy to me :)

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