Chinese New Year Photos - Part 2 Chinese New Year Photos - Part 2

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chinese New Year Photos - Part 2

Yesterday marked the final day of Chinese New Year which has been ongoing for 15 days. It was consider the so-call Chinese "Valentine's Day" where the females will throw mandarin oranges and the males will be fetching the oranges (of their other half) at the other side. But I think this tradition is not practiced anymore.

Anyway, here are the continuous photos from the Chinese New Year.........

Continue from the "tea" session from Part 1

Getting red packet from parents :)

Next day, at my 1st uncle's house visiting them and my grandparents (father side)........

1st uncle and his family (one of his son don't want to take the picture)

My father, 1st uncle and their parents, my grandparents :)

Me (white shirt) and my brother Kian Hin

At night, we go Old Town Kopitiam "tea" session again............

Tai Ka Jie

Kian Hin and Yen Leng
Mum and Dad

Me and Kian Hin

My younger sister and me :)

2nd day.....prawn "Har"(which sounds like laughter) day at Tualang

The place

Har - sounds like laughter

My cousins

With grandma
The Young family

The Hiong family

Busy eating....Kian Hin is the cameraman because he don't eat prawn

The result from me ..... actually this is 1/3 of it

My cousin camwhoring at my house

That's all the 2 days Chinese New Year photos...

The political situation in Perak is in quite a mess since the Chinese New Year, which I think could be a good topic to blog on my next post. Well, I'll see how as I want to stay as neutral as possible.

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