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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sitting in the living room, watching the TV series about the legendary Bruce Lee, I'm feeling a little bit boring, which is why I blog - Lolz. I mentioned before that I have a lot of after-work entertainments. Well, it seems to me that has no longer valid, mainly due to the fact that I have already finished that TVB series - Moonlight Resonance. Well, the shows stressed on one thing that I have always agreed with. It is the importance of a family and that family should remain the top priority in our life. I might be stressing the importance of wealth and money on other blog - Money Master and it looks like I might be contradicting with myself because I have stressed on the importance of money and then now saying that family should remain the top priority in our life. Well, it's actually not. The way I put the header on the Money Master blog - (Making money is no easy job if you treat it as a burden but once it becomes your friend, that is when cash flows in. Becoming the master to money rather than slave to it helps us redefine the whole idea of earning more - it's more like the money working for us.), I'm stressing on using money to make more money........which is why I will always stressed on investment. Ok....let's not stray from the family topic.

For those youngsters working outstation like me, we will always think that we have freedom to do whatever we want, and our parents are not here to nag us. Well, the beginning, we really enjoy the freedom. Imagine, hanging out till late night with friends without getting nag from our mother or father who will not be having a restless sleep unless all their children are back safely home from an outings. I do understand that most parents really care for their children. I do not really think that there is any parents in the world who would not care for their children. In fact, their care have most of the time become annoyance to most of the youth. Sigh. But nevertheless, I do believe at one point of their life, they will see the importance of family and the gathering with their family members. the environment if eveyrone from grandparents till grandchildren gathers together enjoy their quality time together. Anyway....Youth....I suggest that you really enjoy your time with your family, as not all of us are so lucky to be working and staying so close to family members.

I still remember one part in the Moonlight Resonance series, where the eldest brother telling his younger siblings that everything has change. They cannot always gather together like when they are young. Each of them has their own life and lifestyle to go through. He might be right in one way or another. When all of us grow up, not all of us are working at the same place or area. Some might be working outstation or even oversea....have their family established over there. But he's not right in a way, he sort of exchanging his family for money, though in the end he regretted about it.

I can frankly speaking...spending quality time with family members is priceless. Until now, I still remember our Cameron Highlands trip. It's not the place that is making it so special. It is that I gather together with my siblings and some of my cousins. Some cousins might be annoying or our siblings may argue with us for the sake of arguing....but, I still think that is the fun part. We communicate. We annoyed each other. We beat each other up. We scold each other. We ....well, do a lot of things together.

Well, I think I should stop here. My mind sort of saturated with all the issues in the office and my heart already in hometown....since today is Thursday. I will continue to post.....maybe blogs on what we did in Cameron Highlands trip? Well, see how my laziness level go.

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