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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today is Thursday

Today is Thursday..............again!!! I've been eagerly waiting for Thursday every week. Although I might be busy over the week.....I will still be looking forward for Thursday. Every Thursday after work, I will have the relieve kind of feeling and say to myself......"Yes!! It's Thursday evening again." And on Friday morning, I'll be gladly to go work whether I have early morning meeting. Some might be wondering why would I be so happy if it's only Thursday and I still have one more working day to go. It's simple only. This is because there will be longer break on Friday lunch, thus can spend some "quality time" with my friends over here. Then, it also means "Balik Kampung" to me. And I missed my family soooooooooooo much. And I miss the food in Ipoh and also my mum's home cook food. I can definitely say that I have home sick feeling every week. From my uni days where I was staying in KL, I actually went back home sweet home every weekends maybe on Thursday or Friday and only go back to KL on Monday. Now it's the same. Going back on Friday after work and then go back to work in Kulim on Monday morning. I'm actually very glad to work in Kulim area - because it is close to my hometown and my family. Just 2++ hours drive, so it's quite convenient and not so tiring if I drive back to Kulim on monday morning. Besides, I only drive once in every fortnight. So, it is not that expensive-total expenses would be about RM100 per trip. The other week when I'm not driving, I will go back with my Dad. I'm actually very thankful to God that my dad actually works in northern region, so we can go back together once in every fortnight. Not only that, sometimes I can go Penang and stay with him. It's still better spending some quality time with family members than doing nothing over in Kulim, except maybe blogging? Lolz!!!!

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