Yahoooo!!! It's Pay Day!! Yahoooo!!! It's Pay Day!!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yahoooo!!! It's Pay Day!!

18.30 - Feeling restless.....Turn on the wireless router and modem
18.40 - Connect laptop, get the internet connection
18.59 - Open the browser application, in my case I'm using Firefox 3.
19.00 - Login to my Internet banking account. Check the account summary.

Joy...and smile formed on my face. At last, after a long wait, (well, actually just about 30 days or less) salary bank-in.

NOW - Recession mode - over!!! (Well, at least over for now)



  1. so it was time to sharing your money for

  2. Sure. When you share me yours. Hahahaha


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